How to change the price of only some variants of a Product (color, size, dimensions, material, etc)

The NA Bulk Editor app can help you change the price of only certain variants. This can be useful if you want to apply a consistent price for a certain size or another option.

First, you need to find the option you want target. In the example below I have 3 products and want to change the price of just the 36×24 variant of each.

Note: It is important that the variant name is consistent across all your products. In this example all 3 products have a 36×24 option for size.

The filter rule to use in the NA Bulk Editor app is “The variant’s title”

You can see that only the 36×24 sizes are targeted. The rest of the variants will not be affected.

If you have more complicated products with multiple options, you may be able to use this approach by switching the “Is equal to” dropdown to “Contains”. It is recommended that you carefully preview the results in this case to make sure you are targeting the products that you want to target, because the “Contains” option is less precise.

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