Happy Birthday Marketing Date Formatting

Happy birthday marketing lets you control the format of the date used in Klaviyo.

Common formats

YYYY-MM-DD – “Y-m-d”

Full month and day – “F j” eg March 8

Month and day – “m/d” eg 03/08

Day and month – “d/m” eg 08/03

Custom formatting

You can also use the table below to use the exact date format that you require. If you need help getting the right format set up, reach out to support+d@northern-apps.com.

Examples for March 8, 1988

“March 8” – “F j” (This is the app default)

“03/08” – “m/d”

“08/03” – “d/m”

“3-8” – “n-j”

“03.8.1988” – “m.j.Y”