Happy Birthday Marketing Customer Import

To import customers into the Happy Birthday Marketing app you can submit a CSV file that includes the customer and their date of birth.

  • Please upload a plain CSV file (If you are using Excel you can save the spreadsheet as a CSV file instead of an Excel file)
  • The CSV file needs to have a “email” column
  • The CSV file needs to have a “birthday” column
  • If the customer does not already exist as a Shopify customer, you need to include a “name” column that contains the first name and last name eg “John Smith”
  • You need to select the correct Birthday formatting option for your CSV. A birthday of “1988-04-25” would be “YYYY-MM-DD”, for example. If you can’t easily change the birthdays to a supported format please contact support@northern-apps.com for assistance.
  • The order of the columns doesn’t matter
  • The CSV file can include additional columns as well, but those columns will be ignored
  • Example CSV File