What happens when two price change jobs run at the same time?

The NA Bulk Price Editor Shopify app does not limit the number of price change jobs that you can run at the same time, but you should be careful when you do this. Here are some details you should keep in mind when you run two or more price change jobs at the same time.

  1. Price change jobs take time to complete. This is because Shopify has a rate limit for the speed that product prices can be changed at. Usually about 100 prices can be changed in a minute. So if you have a price change job to put 1000 product variants on sale, that job would take around 10 minutes to complete.
  2. Unexpected results can happen if two price change jobs are scheduled at the same time. For example, let’s say that we scheduled a sale to end on 9:00AM November 12 and we scheduled another sale to start at the same time, 9:00AM November 12. If both sales included the same products then there is a chance that the new sale would change the price of a product first, and then the old sale would revert the price of that product after. So to avoid this problem it is best to schedule the new sale a little bit later on so that you know that the prices have finished reverting. If the price change job affected 1000 product for example, you might schedule the new sale to start at 9:15AM November 12 – this would give the old sale 15 minutes to revert.
  3. Price change jobs can get really slow if a lot of them are executing at the same time. Because of the Shopify rate limit, you can’t split price change jobs up to have them execute faster. Two jobs running at the same time will be able to do about 50 price changes per minute each instead of 100 price changes per minute. If you have 10 price change jobs running at the same time, then they could each only do about 10 price changes per minute each.