Using NA Age Verification for in-checkout age verification

NA Age Verification can now do in-checkout age verification for Shopify Plus businesses!

It uses the new “Checkout UI Extension” feature to do this. Here is how you can set up in-checkout age verification for your store:

  1. Ensure that you have NA Age Verification installed. You can install it from the Shopify app store.
  2. Checkout age verification is a paid feature available with the Pro plan. You can upgrade to the Pro plan from the “Plans” page in the app:
  3. Go to the “Checkout rules” page in the app, and click on “Add in-checkout age verification”
  4. From the Shopify checkout customizer, select the app
  5. Preview the age verification step, and optionally update the copy shown to customers. Save your changes.
  6. By default age verification will appear every time a customer checks out. If you just want age verification for certain products, you can update your checkout rules settings in the app. You may need to add a tag to every product that needs age verification.
  7. You can change the minimum age from the app “General settings” page:

If you need any help, or have any questions please contact!