Upsell promotions FAQ

Where does the upsell promotion show?

The upsell promotion shows on theĀ Post Purchase Page. This page will show after the customer checks out, but before they are redirected to the thank you page. Here’s an example of how it looks:

Video Example of where upsell shows

How do I create an upsell promotion?

You can read our guide on creating an upsell promotion

How does the app select which promotion to show?

The app needs to check several things to determine which promotion should show after a customer makes a purchase.

  • First, it looks at all active promotions. If a promotion is not set as active, it will not be considered.
  • Next, it checks if the promotion is available based on your Shopify store’s stock rules. This is done to avoid showing a product that is out of stock.
  • Next, the app will check if the promotion’s trigger rules are met or not. If a promotion has trigger rules that are not met by the customer purchase, then it will not be considered.
  • Next, the app checks whether any A/B tests are eligible. An A/B test is eligible if it is active and both its promotions are eligible. If several A/B tests are eligible then the test with the highest priority is selected and either promotion A or promotion B will be selected at random.
  • If no A/B tests are eligible then the promotion with the highest priority is selected. Note that A/B tests always take precedence over individual promotions.
  • If no A/B test or promotion is eligible, no promotion will be shown to the customer after they make their original purchase.