NA Bulk Price Editor update cost per item with CSV

NA Bulk Price Editor now supports cost per item changes with CSV upload!

Cost per item can be updated by including a “Cost per item” column in the CSV.  For general guidelines on CSV uploads, please see NA Bulk Price Editor CSV Upload FAQ

To create a CSV template that includes the current cost per item, follow these steps

First, ensure “Include unit costs in CSV export” is enabled on the settings page

Next, when you create a new price change job and select “Use CSV upload” and use the “Get CSV template” button, you can check the “Create template for unit costs
Info” option.

Now you should receive an email with the template attached. You can then download the template, edit it as required, and upload the CSV to the NA Bulk Price Editor and the app will update your cost per items.

If you  have any questions about this new feature, please email