NA Age Verification Birthday Marketing

NA Age Verification is a Shopify app that adds age verification to your store.

Birthday data is a powerful marketing tool, so we have created an integration with the Happy Birthday Marketing app

How to use age verification birthdays for marketing?

  1. Make sure the NA Age Verification app is installed
  2. Make sure the Happy Birthday Marketing app is installed
  3. Update NA Age Verification to the pro plan. This unlocks checkout rules and the Happy Birthday Marketing integration.
  4. Got to the “Checkout Verification” page and turn on “Show age verification popup before checkout” or “Disable cart checkout buttons until confirmation”. These are the two ways to require age verification before checkout.
  5. Go to the Integrations page in NA Age Verification
  6. Update the “Birthday marketing option” to either
    1. “Customer consents to birthday marketing” – This will add a checkbox before checkout and the birthday will only be sent to Happy Birthday Marketing if the customer checks the checkbox
    2. “Always use birthdays for marketing” – This will always send the birthday to Happy Birthday Marketing
  7. Go to the Happy Birthday Marketing app and complete the setup guide shown on the app’s home page. You can set Happy Birthday Marketing to send birthday emails or you can use Klaviyo.

How does the integration work?

Happy Birthday Marketing will send an email to the customer on their birthday with a unique discount code gift. This will help boost revenue and customer loyalty!