How to End Shopify Prices in a Certain Number with Bulk Price Changer + Scheduler

Bulk Price Changer + Scheduler is excited to announce the launch of a new feature! From now on, Shopify merchants will be able to round prices to a custom ending pattern when making price changes. This means you can automatically have your prices end in .50 (like with $19.50) or an even 9 (like with $39.00).

Consistent pricing patterns are a great way to help your shop stand out and look professional!

Why is this important?

If you have spent much time browsing the online stores of quality brands, you may have noticed that they are very particular with how they end their prices.

Apple, for example, likes to end the prices of all their products in an even 9, so you will see prices such as $219, $429, and $979 when looking at their online store. Peleton, on the other hand, prefers to end their prices in an even 5, so you’ll see prices like $2,495 or $3,045 when checking out their exercise bikes.

This is done deliberately by major retailers because it helps distinguish their brand. Having consistency between prices is a little like having consistency in the color scheme or the typography of your website. It shows the customer that your company has its own identity and helps build trust.

If you have a lot of products you already know that making price changes by hand can be a headache, so Bulk Price Changer + Scheduler now includes a feature that allows you to apply your brand’s pricing patterns automatically!

How the “End Prices in a Certain Number” feature works

“End Prices in a Certain Number” now appears with other rounding options (round to nearest .01, round to nearest whole number, end prices in .99). It can be used with both the price and the compare at price.

Once you enable the “End Prices in a Certain Number” rounding option an additional input for your price ending pattern will appear:

End prices in a certain number feature
End prices in a certain number feature

From here, you can input numbers into the slots to create the pattern that your prices will end in.


Ending prices in .50 (eg a price of $3.22 would round to $3.50 and $22.98 would round to $22.50)

End prices in .50
End prices in .50

Ending prices in an even 9.00 (like Apple!)


End prices in 0.00 (eg $294.02 rounds to $290.00, $754.00 rounds to  $750.00)


Other Things to Keep in Mind

You can click on the “Add digit” button to give yourself more slots to work with for your pattern. This is especially handy if you have prices that are high numbers.

In order to avoid invalid patterns the numbers that are inputted must be consecutive and must end with the rightmost digit. The app will warn you if a pattern is invalid and will fall back to nearest cent rounding.

Invalid pattern example
This pattern is not valid because of the * between the 7 and 5

In order for a pattern to apply to a price, it must have less digits than the price itself. This means that an ending of 7.00 will not apply to a price of $9.75, but it will apply to $19.75. An ending of 00.00 would not apply to a price of $6.76 or $44.44, but it would apply to $123.00.

If a pattern does not have less digits than the price it is being applied to, then it will fall back to nearest cent rounding.

Making Prices End in a Pattern Without Making an Increase or Decrease

If you want to change the ending pattern of your product prices but do not want to perform a price increase or decrease, you can set the price to change by 0%. You can use this trick with both the price and the compare at price.

0% change end prices in an even 5
0% change end prices and compare at prices in an even 5