How to avoid reducing prices more than once on NA Bulk Price Editor

NA Bulk Price Editor is great for creating sales and price reductions in Shopify

That said, it is important to be careful about reducing the price on products more than once. If you reduce the price again and again, you could end up with prices that you are not expecting.

Here’s an example:

  • Job targets item A, B, and C
  • Item A starts at $100
  • Item B starts at $200
  • Item C starts at $80 $100 ($100 compare at price)

Now you apply a basic 10% off percentage decrease with the default “Change the compare at price to the current price (sale)” rule for the compare at price.

What will be the result?

  • Item A $90 $100
  • Item B $180 $200
  • Item C $72 $80 (Notice the compare at price has changed! It used to be $100)

So Item C which was already 20% off is now even lower in price! Is you meant to do this that is fine, but if you wanted the price to be $90 $100 then you need to change your approach!

What is the problem?

The problem is that the selection of items is mixed – some items are already reduced and some items are starting from full price

How to avoid changing products that NA Bulk Price Editor has already changed

SeeĀ NA Bulk Price Editor How to use product tagging to avoid double-discounts

How to make all products full price

There are a few ways to make the products all full price

  1. If the prices were reduced by the NA Bulk Price Editor app in the first place, you may be able to simply revert previous price change jobs
  2. Otherwise, you can use NA Bulk Price Editor to create a new price change job that changes all items back to what their compare at price indicates

For option 2, please seeĀ Using NA Bulk Price Editor to undo compare at prices