How Bulk Price Changer + Scheduler Usage Limits Work

All Bulk Price Changer + Scheduler plans except for Unlimited have usage limits.

A plan’s usage limit determines how many product variants can have their price changed in a given month. A product that does not have any selectable options (size, color, etc) counts as just one product variant.

Bulk Price Changer + Scheduler keeps track of every product variant updated since the beginning of the month. Once you hit your monthly usage limit, you won’t be able to create any new price change jobs that would affect additional product variants.

But you can create a new price change job if it only affects product variants that have already been changed that month.

Bulk Price Changer + Scheduler will allow scheduled price changes and in-progress price changes to complete even once you hit your usage limit.

Bulk Price Changer + Scheduler app will allow you to revert a price change even once you hit your usage limit.