Happy Birthday Marketing FAQs

How do customers sign up for birthday discounts?

The signup form is shown on the order status page/thank you page that customers see after completing a purchase


Can customers sign up in other ways?

Yes, customers can also sign up on the post purchase page, which also is shown to customers after they complete their purchase.

And customers can sign up on the signup landing page You can share the link for this page on your website or in emails that you send to your customers

Can you import customers into the Happy Birthday Marketing app?

Yes, please see our Happy Birthday Marketing Customer Import page

When do customers receive their discount?

Customers are sent their personal discount at 10:00AM on their birthday

How to create a birthday signup landing page on my Shopify website?

The app offers a birthday signup landing page URL. You can create a new page on your website and then use an iframe:

<iframe src=”https://bd-northern-apps.com/signup?id=1&amp;key=eeaabdd3f9a28816f344e50f3033d138″ style=”width: 100%; height: 500px; border: none;”></iframe>

How do customers use their discount?

They are emailed a unique discount code that they can apply to their purchase when they check out