NA Bulk Price Editor Shopify Markets is now in Beta!

NA Bulk Price Editor now supports Shopify markets! You can now create price change jobs that apply to whatever secondary markets you like 🥳

How can I use this new feature?

First, go to the settings page in NA Bulk Price Editor and turn on the “Target secondary market prices directly” checkbox.

If you want to change the prices individually or with rules, you just need to select which markets the changes should apply to:

If you want to update prices with a CSV file, you can set the price and compare at price by adding columns that include the market name in brackets. Eg the column name to set the price of a market named “International” would be “Variant Price (International)”. The column name to set the compare at price for the “International” market would be “Variant Compare At Price (International)”

You can also generate a CSV template from the app and select which markets you want to change:

Once you complete the markets price change, you will see the prices reflected under the Pricing section for the affected Shopify market:

If you have any questions or feedback regarding this feature or the Beta release, please contact 🙂