NA Age Verification Uninstall Cleanup

NA Age Verification will automatically disable after the app has been uninstalled, but it will leave behind some files in your Shopify theme. These files are harmless, but you might want to clean them up yourself.

Here is the cleanup procedure:

  1. Login to your Shopify website admin area.
  2. From the sidebar, click on “Themes”
  3. At the top of the page your live theme will be shown. Under the actions dropdown, click on “Edit code”. This will bring you to the Shopify code editor area.
  4. In the code editor’s sidebar, in the Layout folder, click on the “theme.liquid” file. If NA Age Verification was installed you should see a line of code that reads “{% include ‘agechecker’ %}” near the bottom of the file. You can remove this line of code. Do the same with the “password.liquid” file if your theme has one.
  5. Next look in the code editors Snippets folder for a file called “agechecker.liquid”. You can delete this file.
  6. Next look in the code editors Assets folder for any files that start with “agecheckerVsARddsz9”. All of these files can be deleted as well.